Public Art Projects

Holiday Window Installation for SPARKBOOM at Huntington Arts Council.  Solstice themed animals created from hardboard and interacting with exciting, colorful decorations.  My goal was to capture the frenzied, yet fun atmosphere that exists around the holidays.  These forest animals each play a role in decorating the faux plants in a quirky wonderland!

“A Reason For Beeing”  Acrylic on repurposed screens.  Created using a stipend from the Patchogue Art Council during the PAC MAC Festival.  Using delicate, semi-transparent materials I brought the fragility and ephemeral quality of the endangered bees to the New Village Apartments in Patchogue, NY.

The Garden Party Mural.  Mural celebrating the Riverhead community as they continue growing their economy.  A creative placemaking project as part of East End Arts JumpstART program on Main Street, Riverhead NY.



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