MuralFest 2016, Denver CO

Had the amazing opportunity to travel to Denver Colorado for 40 West Arts’ MuralFest 2016!  In roughly 5 days I was able to paint this 150 square foot mural on aluminum panels.  The panels were set up in in Lamar Station Plaza, near the famous Casa Bonita Mexican restaurant.  The mural will be hung permanently soon in the 40 West Arts District.  I had such a fantastic time meeting members of the community and there was a huge turn out on the day of MuralFest!  It was a pleasure meeting the other artists as well — Birdcap, Yulia Avgustinovich, Richard Marks, Jennifer Mosquera, and Daniel Chavez.

This hummingbird starfield design was inspired by my love for David Bowie.  He sang about huge, philosophical concepts and infused them into small moments like drinking a milkshake or kissing in front of the Berlin wall as an act of protest.  This mural is about the vastness of the unknowable universe and enlarging a tiny, alien-like bird.


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